Bent Diadem

It’s indeed a huge decision to finally delete something you kept for almost 9 years. And I’m talking about my old blog. I blogged for a very long time, despite my on-off and love-hate relationship with my own writing. When I was writing, I felt like I’m publishing an art piece, I was a Picasso of my own words. Time passes by, I re-read, ended up trashing each of them. Including this one, I’ll delete this post in the future for sure. But no worry, in my whole life, I kept nothing more than 10 years. My old blog was my oldest companion. RIP.

So, Bent Diadem….

Bent; 1. adj. Sharply curved or having an angle, 2. n. natural talent or inclination 3. n. dishonest, corrupt.

Diadem; n. jewelled crown or headband is worn as a symbol of sovereignty.

I named this blog Bent Diadem just because antonym is more catchy than the synonym. And of course less cliche.

Bent Diadem is where I will write about book reviews. Makeup enthusiasm. Random thoughts. Life updates.

I have stopped writing for quite a while, my writing will be quite dull before I get my pace again, hopefully. I’ll do another post on why I have stopped writing and why I decided to write again.

Till then

Bent Diadem

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