The Universe of Us


I’ve been wanting to put my hands on one of Lang Leav’s books for so long. What’s this huge hype about Lang Leav? Every now and then, I came across her excerpts on my Twitter timeline that I no longer have for quite some time. Achievement.

So I decided to purchase The Universe of Us, kindle edition, for £ 6.71. And I am very disappointed, never trust testimonials from social sites duh. Should have checked Goodreads first.

If I’d never studied literature before, I’d been amazed by this book. Surely. But unfortunately, Miss Z (my English teacher) taught me how to read literature properly.

I’d say this is not a poem book, but a collection of Tumblr quotes. A hipster book, definitely not worth to study. I rated this book 1 star on Goodreads for that reason.

Nonetheless, one never reads without getting even a thing. There are some that I love from this book

I particularly like Procession because it plays with symbols. I don’t like reading something too straight forward. Metaphors and symbols are the rooms of thinking. Open for interpretation and makes one wonders. And makes applicable to any situation. But I hate the ending when Lang Leav told what’s behind “Are you okay?”. I feel like she should have left it, there.

And I like Lover’s Paradox because it gives two characters strong characteristics but not literally. And I hate literal because, in the literal world, everything is objective.


He used to ask me all the time if I was okay. As though he never knew for sure. He would ask me when he was tired or frustrated or when he felt helpless. He would ask me when he was afraid.

He asked me that same question, long after we stopped being lovers – when we became something less yet somehow more. Are you okay? He would whisper on the phone late at night, when his girlfriend was asleep or had gone to her mother’s for the weekend. Are you okay?

He hasn’t asked me in years, but I know he still thinks it. I know the question still reverbrates in his mind like a broken record and he will keep looking answers long there is nothing left to appease him.

It was always the same question, over and over again. Like the start of a procession. And it took me years to recognize the unsaid words that marched silently behind.

Are you okay; because I love you.

Are you okay; because I need you.

Are you okay; because I don’t know how to live without you.

Lover’s Paradox

Tell me that story again – the one where the world ends how it began with a boy who loves a girl and a girl who loves a boy. And she is deaf and he is blind and he tells her he loves her over and over and she writes him every day but never hear a thing back

The Universe of Us

2 thoughts on “The Universe of Us

  1. I agree to you on most of it.. about the room for thinking and metaphors. But I also think that everybody is not that deep nowadays to understand the depth of poetry like haiku or something similar.
    I recently joined wordpress and I write poems too.. it would be great of you could check out my content. Thankyou


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