New Year Resolutions


As long as it is still January, new year mode is always on. Therefore it is not too late for me to share my new year resolutions.

I think I read a quote somewhere I don’t remember from who, hence no credit,

If you have a dream, tell people about it. You’ll feel motivated by expectations.

Therefore I’m writing this here, so by the end of this year, I will have a tangible proof and living witnesses that I made my resolutions true.

1. I am going to publish a book

This also explains the purpose of this blog. I want to make writing a habit again. I’m not telling yet what kind of books. Have some suggestions in my mind right now but not entirely sure yet. I’m still finding my genre. Hence the Kindle reading.

2. I will learn the third language

I think I’m good enough in English and Malay, so why not venture to another language? I’m thinking of learning Mandarin (started already since last year. I tell you guys Mandarin is damn hard. Even my Chinese friends said so). But and just because Mandarin would definitely help my career.

Or maybe learning Korean? I heard it is easier than Mandarin. I wanna learn this language solely because I wanna watch Kdrama without waiting for subbed episode miserably like a soldier wife. Kdrama fans understand this pain 😂

Priority, Malissa. Priority.

So these two are my 2017 resolutions. Why have so many when you can’t fulfil them all?

Wish me luck guys!

New Year Resolutions

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