A father to my kids

I love talking to my ex-roommate, Irdhina Harith and I still miss talking to her. If you know me IRL your would know I’m someone whose opinions very hard to bend, authoritarian, and in another word,

I believe what I’m believing is right

You gotta have a very strong argument and solid proof to make me accept yours.

And that is what Irdhina Harith is capable of doing. She’s now in the US studying in one of Ivy League universities.

Proud ex-roommate here.

I remember she said,

To be in relationship is nothing but to find the right father for your kids – Irdhina Harith

That is a solid statement that you cannot say no to.

Girls have this misconception towards bad guy who they love,

It’s okay, he’s going to change”

Most of the time, they don’t. Because,

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself – Leo Tolstoy

Okay la, you have the right to choose. So what if you made a wrong decision? One chooses their own heaven and hell.

But, what about our kids? Do they have options to choose their father? You have to choose for them.

Will you have a face to answer your kids about why did you marry him even though in the first place you know he’s not reliable? Because I don’t.

Let us stop being selfish, and think about their future. About our not yet existed kids.

Let’s prepare a proper answer to our kids about why did we marry their father.

A father to my kids

One thought on “A father to my kids

  1. A very good and important point. Unfortunatly something many people don´t consider when choosing their partner and rather follow their feelings which is not wrong in total but should not limit you to think on the future.


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