I am not a feminist until…

Hatred for feminists everywhere. I can see and understand why. How women have misused the term “feminism” to fight for unnecessary matters like the right to eat in public during Ramadhan, and patriarchy family structure. Like girl, really?

Have you ever wondered if feminism has brought a major change at all in the world? Yes, it has. Do you know why Arab women wear hijab but they pulled it backwards to expose some hair? That’s one the results of successful feminism during Iran Women’s Right Movement. Because they thought it was women’s right to show some hair as the sign of beauty. And look how it became an identity for Arab women and even Malay women are starting to follow (tho I don’t agree with this trend, but I don’t go against people’s choice too. Every Muslims know their aurat). Other results from Iran Women’s Right Movement was the right for a woman to drive, employment in government sector, and there’s actually a  list for this that I’m not that determined to provide for you 😂. You wiki yourself, can you? By the way, I gained this knowledge from my reading a book titled, My Prison, My Home written by Haleh Esfandiari.

You know what makes me sad? When feminism fights for unnecessary matters that makes us look so petty. There are so many other issues regarding women that need to be fought for, for example, safety, health rights, wealth equity, employment, and media exposure. These girls that claimed they know feminism, and aimlessly attack any issue according to their own interest makes me even ashamed to actually call myself a feminist! Because I wanted to look so ‘cool’.

Feminism has appeared to be nothing more than a notion to spread hatred. You cannot be a feminist, until you understand women struggle and threats upon us! Patriachy doesn’t harm us. Not being able to eat in public during Ramadhan month doesn’t kill us. That means you don’t understand feminism at all.

Girls, you REALLY have to learn your battle

Threats on us are real. I told you the history of Iran, now I’m going to tell you the history of me, myself. How did I become a feminist (tho silently all this while).

One day, when I was at the school, doing my homework on my own, my friend called me to talk to her outside the class.

Her: Can you accept if your friend isn’t a virgin?

Me: Of course. As long as she wants to change, why not

Her: Promise?

Me: Yes, I promise

Her: I’m not a virgin. (I bet you see this coming)

Me: Okay. What happened?

Her: My sister got caught pregnant by her teacher. Now we’re going to tell teacher who was it.

Me: Who was it?

Her: Our dad (now I bet you didn’t see this coming)

Me: What did your mom do? Has she asked for a divorce?

Her: No. She loves him too much. (I bet you didn’t see this coming AT ALL)

This is the shitty world we are living in. I swear I did not just made up this story. It’s 💯 my own conversation.

When no one else can protect us, then what does? This is the job of feminism. Haters gonna hate, because my friend is not your friend. My friend is not your sister. And it’s even sadder when even a woman is an anti-feminist?

As long as you’re born with a vagina, you’re included in feminism. If you don’t fight for feminism, feminism fights for you. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Please, use feminism for a greater good. And do not trade feminism for your own interest.

And others, be sure what do you hate. Is it feminist or extremist?

No one likes extremist, be it feminism extrimists or even religion extrimist!

Sebab umat kita adalah umat pertengahan. Umat yang bersederhana dalam setiap aspek.

Today I realized, I have always been a feminist since I was a highschool student. And I’m proud of it.

Oh as for update, my friend married a man she loves who loves and accepts her for what she is ❤️ God bless your marriage.

This post is in favor with #WomensMarch

I am not a feminist until…

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