Travelogue: Venice

Venice when we arrived in the early morning

Just as promised, I’m writing my Travelogue to Venice. This is the thing about writing, you know, you have to write as soon as you feel like writing. Writing needs that mood that hardly comes and quickly goes away.

Okay, get back to the main story. As much as I love Rome, I love Venice more. I love Venice mainly because I love art. Venice is a very colourful and cultural place. Venice is not in a way better than Rome, don’t get me wrong. It just that Venice fits my soul more than Rome. Rome is a city of historical buildings; every destruction has its story. I’m sure if I read about Rome beforehand, my visit could have been more meaningful.

Venice is a unique city regarding transportation. I didn’t see any land transportation when I was there because their primary transportation is boats. Their ambulance is a boat. Their ‘lorry’ is a boat. Their ‘bus’ is also a boat. I swear I felt healthier in Venice because there was no smoke from land transportations.

Venice is so small that villagers know each other by name and face! Venice was packed, but with tourists. The residents there was only a small population, an oarsman (a man who rows a Gondola) told me.

A main ‘road’ in Venice, known as Venice Canal
Their ‘lorry’
Their ambulance

Italians greet each other with ‘Ciao.’ The reply is also ‘Ciao.’ When a Gondola passes another Gondola, the oarsmen will greet each other. ‘Ciao.’ ‘Ciao.’

Oarsmen were greeting each other

Their main products are Venetian masks and Murano glass. Any shops prohibit people from taking pictures of their shop because they are currently facing serious economic threats from China because they have been copying their masks through pictures. Original Venice goods are stamped to verify its originality and differ their products from fakes. And I understand why people opt for fakes instead because original Murano glass and Venetian Mask are crazy expensive because everything there is handmade by the villagers. You can know the price by looking at the essential details of their masks and Murano glass.

The only picture of a shop I managed to snap (I felt like a bad girl)

The business environment there was friendly, and prices were all about the same because they were vendors. They don’t compete regarding price and more on non-price strategy like treatments to customers, discounts, bulk buying, etc. So you have a lot of souvenir choices in Venice. Don’t spend too much in Rome for gifts because Venice is much cheaper than other places!

An example of Venetian mask that I regret buying it in Rome because I thought it was nice and cheap. Didn’t know it’s a fake because I went to Rome first. I swear this mask is scary as soon as I am home, I kept it in a box, in my closet
How business in Venice looks like

The roads there are narrow, that’s why Venice looks packed even though maybe there were NOT that many of people than usual

A street for villagers house or rooms for tourists
A street in Venice

What’s Venice without Gondola? We rode a Gondola and Gondola price is quite expensive, (according to our budget). If you’re travelling to Venice with your significant other and plan to ride the Gondola only two of you (because it’s more romantic, duhhh?) Make sure you allocate more than € 40 for few minutes of Gondola. But truthfully, Gondola was realllllllllllyyyyyy romantic that I sighed

Why do I have to ride Gondola with you guys? Where’s my future husband? 😫 😫 😫”

A standard Gondola. See? Told ya, Gondolas are for lovers. Even the seat is love-shaped
I know I look stupid, but this is the only decent picture on Gondola I have

The drawbacks about Venice are;

  1. Toilets
  2. Halal Foods

I swear I could have peed behind a shop, but I am a girl, so I did not. They lack in public toilet, and the fare was expensive. I mean, come on, nature call should be more affordable. It was €2 – €3 I think? But you have to pee in Venice, at least you have something to tell your grandchildren. “Nenek peed in Venice once“. I guess that’s why it was so expensive? 😒

And the halal food was scarce, that makes the price was about a monopoly price (means it was expensive). But as I said in the previous post, Travelogue: Rome, a man gave us more than enough food to eat in Venice so we did not spend any on food except we went to a Magnum cafe there and I bought a Magnum ice cream. (Don’t believe a girl when she says she didn’t spend on food)

Magnum Cafe Venezia
Two beautifully and well-decorated ice creams for display only, not to eat because hooman is weird like that
Restaurants in Venice at night

Next, I will write my travelogue to Ireland.


Travelogue: Venice

8 thoughts on “Travelogue: Venice

  1. Wow, the floating city! I really miss the place, wherein n o car, not much smoke. Delicious foods and cute boat-taxi with serenades ^..^Thank you for posting, lovely photos.


  2. amirulafeq says:

    I was in Venice and Rome too. It was around December 2015. Bila ni? And how many were you on that trip. If you were in Venice when I was there. I think you might be one of the two ladies yang sombong gila😂😂. My friend and I were so excited seeing another Malaysian. Yelah susah nak jumpa. But those two girls boleh acah hot macam kami nak ngorat pulak. Haha.

    Just sharing. Venice cantik sangat. And I did pee in Venice. Something to tell my kids one day that I can be proud of. Haha


    1. Jan 2016. You and your perception I acah hot forever. 🙄 I didn’t see any Malaysian guys there except my travel mates. I saw Malaysian girls lain and we got along together so nope not that two sombong ladies.


      1. amirulafeq says:

        Haha. Acah hot forever. Nope lah sis. I don’t think so you are. But don’t get me wrong. Malaysian students biasanya perempuan kalau kita tegur tengah travel memang takkan berjawab. For their own reasons lah kan. But from my point of view, ‘gelabah lah siut minah ni’. Haha.

        Venice, the pizzeria. Mmm. Mamma mia sedapnya. Haha.


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