Eyeshadow 101: Eye Primer

Eyeshadow is the last makeup step that I learned because eye makeup requires the most tools and skills. I am not (yet) good at blending eyeshadow, but definitely on my way. Yesterday I did instastory about my main makeup regime and I got many responses about my eyeshadow primer and my only makeup palette. But in this post, I’m just going to emphasise the importance of eye primer.

Since I don’t really fancy cream eyeshadow, all my eyeshadows are pressed powder because I find it blendable. I tried cream eyeshadow once, from Colourpop that I got it free because I bought 10 lipsticks in one go (pray for my wallet), and I find it just not my style.

So especially when you use pressed powder eyeshadow, eye primer is a must. Because powder eyeshadow doesn’t stick easily to your eyelids and the colour will not be as vibrant as it seems on the palette.

I don’t really spend much on makeup even though I really love doing it. All my makeups are drugstore products and I always browsing through Youtube to watch dupes video. Dupes makeup videos will show you alternative for high-end makeup products that can be found at most drugstores. And they will compare the result and most of the time, you can’t really tell the difference!

So this eye primer is da bomb and I really love it.


Pro-Base Eye Primer from Makeup Academy only costs me £1, but I think the current price is already £2.50, but still, it’s way cheaper!

And the result is….


Left is one swatch of eyeshadow without eye primer and right is one swatch with an eye primer. The difference is so obvious you can tell. The finishing with eye primer also looks more creamy than without because this eye primer is liquid and in nude colour. So it can cancel your eyelid colour if you have dark eyelids like mine. I swear eyeshadow stays really long with this primer.

But the downside is, I don’t think Makeup Academy (MUA) is available in Malaysia, but what I want to stress here is the importance you of putting eye primer before eyeshadow.

I think that’s all for now. Sorry for a long pause in updating my blog. February is my busy month.

Eyeshadow 101: Eye Primer

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