A headscarf

When the Quran verse explaining the sharia to wear hijab until it covers the chest, women ran to their house, grabbed whatever available including curtain to cover themselves. They were responsible for their own aurat. It was not men who forcefully putting clothes on their women’s heads. It was not another woman who ran and put a headscarf on another woman’s head. They willingly covered themselves. When their iman was at its best, the sharia came and women had no conflict to do as told.

But nowadays, things are different. Headscarf first, iman later. While Islam taught us clearly that all human are the same, what differs us is iman.

People say amar makruf, nahi mungkar. But they forget that hidayah is Allah’s right. No matter how strong you push someone, if He says, no, then no. They forget that Abu Thalib was a nice guy, he was the one who defended Nabi Muhammad SAW until his last breath, but in the end, he did not die as a Muslim. And our prophet did not say his place is the hell, but instead, he prayed for Allah’s mercy for Abu Thalib. Do you think Abu Thalib was not well informed about Islam? He was, directly from our prophet himself.

Same as the sharia of headscarf. Muslimah know we have to cover our head to chest, but why some still don’t do so? Do you think only men are granted with akal (ability to think), not women? They know. But because hidayah is Allah’s right. Telling them is our responsibility, forcing them is not.

There is no dalil that tells you to go against women who don’t wear headscarves. For some other sharia, there are guidelines for us to go against them, and still, not everyone can. For example, zakat and murtad, Islam tells us who, how, and what we can do to people who commit wrongdoings in these two matters.

Remember if an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. And our job is to nurture surrounding for this egg to be able to create inside force. Because eggs don’t break in such a cruel cold environment.

A headscarf

2 thoughts on “A headscarf

  1. Izzat Aziz says:

    I think it all come to “authority”. If you are stranger and suddenly come commenting on stranger Instagram – “pakailah tudung” I don’t know what it will be achieve. Sure you can said “done dakwah” but is it?

    It just like, you go on stranger house and open the door and said “sembahyanglah lima waktu”. Sure it is true, but is it appropriate to do so?

    In general we can share the hukum part in proper channel and not imposing. The imposing part should be be done by the guardian i.e. parent, husband, not the stranger.


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