Internship Experience at Gamuda

If you followed me on Twitter, you’d know how wrecking my internship application process was. Before that, I have to tell you that it is not compulsory for me to do an internship. I just wanted to fill my summer time with some contributing activities after I spent my first year’s summer doing literally, NOTHING. So this year I thought, alright, let’s be a good citizen, Malissa!!!

Okay back to my internship application, it was so hard to secure one because I didn’t do THAT good during my first year. If you know me, if I say I didn’t do good, it means, not good. Because I am not that kind of student, who say they did horribly in the exam and came out with at least A. Nope. If I tell you something’s terrible, you gotta believe me, it really is. Because of my not-to-be-proud-of first year result, I got a clean track record of rejections by the UK companies and Malaysia companies. Up until the very last minute, two corporations and a bank bounce back to me regarding my application. God really listens to prayers, guys :’)

I applied for Gamuda through a career fair held in London by the United Kingdom and Eire Council (UKEC). For your information, this annual event brings several Malaysia companies together in (usually) London, for us overseas students to apply for jobs. I’ve known Gamuda since young because I watched a documentary featuring Gamuda constructing smart tunnel (things my brothers made me watch, people). I am a hopeless person in science stream, so I joined Gamuda Land.

If you think my selection was a walk in the park, umm, you’re wrong. When I handed my resume to HR officer of Gamuda (I can’t tell her name her because she’s really famous among Gamudians), she didn’t receive it pleasantly.

HR: Where are you from again? *while she was reading my two pages resume*

Me: Manchester, mam. The University of Manchester.

HR: Then how come I’ve never seen your face before? You know we did UK universities tour, right?

Me: Yes I know about the tour, I didn’t attend the networking session.

HR: And you expect us to give you a job while you didn’t even attend?

Me: I was occupied with other activity at the same time, mam. I’m sorry I didn’t attend but I really hope you consider me.

And that’s it. My resume was put on a pile of some other hundreds resume. My hope to join Gamuda was deeply buried. I moved on, and one day, I received an email stating I’m welcomed to join 2 months and 1-week internship at Gamuda. I mean, WOW!

Fast forward, skipping my excitement, during induction session, guess who walked in the meeting room? The same Mrs. HR. I was so nervous that I prayed she doesn’t remember me. Well, she asked me the same exact question, “Where are you from again?”. But she was surprisingly sweet and funny. I came to know her better at Gamuda, she’s really a nice person. I deduced it just that during the career fair, it was a complete mess and hectic, that employers became cranky.

I was a part of market research and customer analytics team. I had a small and attentive team. Because I only have one supervisor, one buddy, and one teammate, I get A LOT of attention. I really do!!! I’m tearing up because I miss them already. Some people asked me what did I do there. So I studied property market global trending, data analysis and evaluation, and primary and secondary market research. My tasks are relevant to my degree, so I’m satisfied with my assignments overall.


My small team :))))


I was supposed to end my internship on 8th of September, but I applied for early cessation because I’m going back to Manchester on 17th of September. Such decision happened because my mom texted me asking how can she make an appointment with me :’) Because I am always away. I had 3 months of summer, and I spent 2 months living alone in Damansara. Yes, that kind of daughter I am. And luckily my team is very considerate, they approved my wish to spend more summer time with family.

So on my last day as Gamudian, we had a site visit to tunnel training academy and TwentyFive.7 site (it’s a name of development). I had an enjoyable site visit there because I GOT TO SEE THE REAL TUNNEL BORING MACHINE LIKE OH, MY GOD? Remember I said I knew Gamuda from a smart tunnel documentary? So I got to see the machine in real life! The machine was HUGE, I wish it could fit in a picture frame.

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
FullSizeRender 2
Under the TBM, we had to do Asian squat (cangkung) to be under this machine
The only fellow interns from Gamuda Land, (Reuben is not in the picture)


Inside the safety chamber, a chamber that’s used in emergency cases underground


At TwentyFive.7 site. We were required to put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and I tell you I felt so important wearing this striking yellow vest and that helmet :’D

Even though I have to leave Gamuda early, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my time there. There are some things you just got to sacrifice for your own parents, right? I really really recommend Gamuda for an internship experience because, for my friends and I, we agreed that it was really enriching. If you’re worried about the allowance, I can give you a hint: the allowance is more than what CIMB pays. Also, the vibe at Gamuda is very different. If you’re searching for a more diversified workplace, Gamuda is the place. As you can see from the photos, we have a healthy mix of races in Gamuda.

If you ask me will I come back to Gamuda? Heaven yes!




Internship Experience at Gamuda

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