Travelogue: Hiking in the Snow


(First) snow is actually pretty exciting before my phone decided that the temperature was too much for its capacity, from 100% – 25% – 9% – 0% real quick in just 20 minutes. Also when my whole body became extremely itchy because of the sudden transition of vasoconstriction to vasodilation. Since this is so biology, let me explain in English. Usually, when it snows, the temperature drops to 0 – negative. In such cold temperature, blood vessels will constrict (vasoconstriction). It’s not a problem while playing in the snow, but it starts to be once the temperature rises (when I enter a warmer place), the blood vessels widen again (vasodilation). Literally, the whole body becomes too itchy, and it’s actually painful. Oh and also, when it is too cold, the pain receptors are nth times more sensitive. Try to understand the pain from zipping my jacket, please.

But all the pain above cannot beat the beautiful view snow can create. I was sleeping when it first snowed. Actually, I wouldn’t know it was snowing if my housemate didn’t wake me up. Yup, I have this disease called weather-ignorant. So lazy to check the weather forecast, always ended up overdressed/underdressed: wearing too much for the sunny day or wearing too less for the cold day. Me.

On the way to the library, my housemate mentioned about how beautiful could Peak District be in snow. And… we decided to go hiking in about 5 minutes? That was the fastest decision-making in my whole life. The train ticket from Manchester Oxford Road – Hathersage costs £ 11, and from Hathersage station, we walk to the Stanage Edge.

But due to improper clothing and shoes, we didn’t make it to the peak because it was slippery and dangerous. However, we got to the highest altitude we could do (still I fell down countless times), and the view was still breathtaking.





Travelogue: Hiking in the Snow

One thought on “Travelogue: Hiking in the Snow

  1. Still remember the moment I went hiking with a totally wrong attire. Wrong shoes, wrong coat T___T I was expecting autumn hike without realizing snow had fallen around that area T_T Alhamdulillah I managed to get to the top, yeay!


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