Travelogue: Hiking in the Snow


(First) snow is actually pretty exciting before my phone decided that the temperature was too much for its capacity, from 100% – 25% – 9% – 0% real quick in just 20 minutes. Also when my whole body became extremely itchy because of the sudden transition of vasoconstriction to vasodilation. Since this is so biology, let me explain in English. Usually, when it snows, the temperature drops to 0 – negative. In such cold temperature, blood vessels will constrict (vasoconstriction). It’s not a problem while playing in the snow, but it starts to be once the temperature rises (when I enter a warmer place), the blood vessels widen again (vasodilation). Literally, the whole body becomes too itchy, and it’s actually painful. Oh and also, when it is too cold, the pain receptors are nth times more sensitive. Try to understand the pain from zipping my jacket, please.

But all the pain above cannot beat the beautiful view snow can create. I was sleeping when it first snowed. Actually, I wouldn’t know it was snowing if my housemate didn’t wake me up. Yup, I have this disease called weather-ignorant. So lazy to check the weather forecast, always ended up overdressed/underdressed: wearing too much for the sunny day or wearing too less for the cold day. Me.

On the way to the library, my housemate mentioned about how beautiful could Peak District be in snow. And… we decided to go hiking in about 5 minutes? That was the fastest decision-making in my whole life. The train ticket from Manchester Oxford Road – Hathersage costs £ 11, and from Hathersage station, we walk to the Stanage Edge.

But due to improper clothing and shoes, we didn’t make it to the peak because it was slippery and dangerous. However, we got to the highest altitude we could do (still I fell down countless times), and the view was still breathtaking.





Travelogue: Hiking in the Snow

Travelogue: Venice

Venice when we arrived in the early morning

Just as promised, I’m writing my Travelogue to Venice. This is the thing about writing, you know, you have to write as soon as you feel like writing. Writing needs that mood that hardly comes and quickly goes away.

Okay, get back to the main story. As much as I love Rome, I love Venice more. I love Venice mainly because I love art. Venice is a very colourful and cultural place. Venice is not in a way better than Rome, don’t get me wrong. It just that Venice fits my soul more than Rome. Rome is a city of historical buildings; every destruction has its story. I’m sure if I read about Rome beforehand, my visit could have been more meaningful.

Venice is a unique city regarding transportation. I didn’t see any land transportation when I was there because their primary transportation is boats. Their ambulance is a boat. Their ‘lorry’ is a boat. Their ‘bus’ is also a boat. I swear I felt healthier in Venice because there was no smoke from land transportations.

Venice is so small that villagers know each other by name and face! Venice was packed, but with tourists. The residents there was only a small population, an oarsman (a man who rows a Gondola) told me. Continue reading “Travelogue: Venice”

Travelogue: Venice

Travelogue: Rome

I postponed this post for so long. I actually went to Italy in January 2016. Yup, that’s my level of procrastination, 1 year. 😂 😭

I did not do Italy trip, I only went to Rome and Venice from Brussels, Belgium. But because my visit to Belgium was short and IMO not interesting, I’m not gonna make any post about Brussels, Belgium. But yeah, I went there.

The environment in Italy is different, at a glance you know their main sector is tourism. There are so many people from so many backgrounds there, especially in Rome. If you want to visit Rome, make sure to purchase Roma Pass at the airport. This pass includes free entrance to a list of points of attraction and transportation pass for 72 hours or 48 hours. And plus, if you have this pass you get to skip the queue. The queue is no joke, especially at the Colosseum. Crazy long.

And another thing to note is, this pass doesn’t include Vatican City. I only knew right there that Vatican is not a city in Rome, but is a country. The smallest country in the world. They have a big wall surrounding this city as the border and since my pass didn’t include Vatican city, I didn’t go there because yes, again, the queue is so long that it takes a beard to grow. Make sure you book a tour in advance to go to Vatican city. Continue reading “Travelogue: Rome”

Travelogue: Rome